2020 and the Elho Freestyle crew is back from the moon after almost 20 years - with the aim of landing back on earth, presenting the popular styles to the public and bringing the deeply rooted emotions of the past into the present .
It is now the year 2021 and to start the journey from the moon to earth, I went to Fuerteventura to create the landing on earth. 

The challenge of how we visually transport the landing was exciting and challenging. The astronauts usually race towards the earth at 28,000 km / h: landing engines and parachutes reduce the enormous speed at which the space capsule falls from the sky.
With the planned landing in the Atlantic Ocean and discovering the new world, we wanted to deliver the emotions of authenticity and freedom. Things that we miss so painfully in times of Covid-19, but which are essential and very deeply anchored with Elho Freestyle.

A brand that would like to give us freedom for our own actions, for interpretations of our own looks and the associated feeling of breaking the mainstream and conveying individuality. With this production we want to show what it means to escape everyday life, to give gray many colors and to enjoy life to the fullest.
elho SS 21 campaign/ www.elho.de
DOP/Cut: Immo Fuchs
Photography: Sebastian Trägner
Photographic Assistant: Simon Frewert
Head of Production: Simone Pitow
Creative Direction: Elena Kalms
Styling: Esther Wenzlik & Nina Dahmen
Models: Hanna DeussRosa von LobensteinAdrian Ballosch, Mareike Löckmann
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